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Just gotta say, top site mate. Youv'ed answered most of my problems encountered building my battlebot, Good man!!

Your site about "Using shift registers to extend the microcontroller I/O" is great ! I was looking exactly for such a circuit to extend the I/Os of my PIC.

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I found your site during a search for SPICE examples. While I'm more interested in RF circuits, and have little interest in robotics, I found your site to be very instructive. I "built" virtually all your circuits in LTSpice, and your step-by-step, clear explanations really gave me an understanding of both the circuits and the workings of Spice. You are a gifted teacher as well as an engineer.
Eric, KE6US

I think your site is extremely useful; I have downloaded most of it for my own use

first off well done on your site!, got loads of useful info from it.

Thanks man You helped me out alot.

Cracking Website! I found it from your personal details on the Robot Wars Tip Swap Forum I'll keep reading.....Spot on!  

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Very informative site you have there, it does a good job of distilling the information down to its essentials.

What a great site! I hit it twice today, with two google searches, having never seen it before! I couldn't remember the generic analogue adder circuit, and there it was, clearly described- thanks!

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the effort and quality of information you have provided here! I've been looking for info on solenoid design and BAM! you've got it all, complete, concise and technical but still readable for the "pseudo engineer" :) I'll be back to your site for your other stuff. Thanks again and I believe you should consider publishing a book. I've read many "Robot HowTo" books and the way you have presented your info here meets and exceeds many if these!

I found your site and itīs really a treasure of electronics knowlegdment. Thank you very much for all the work, time and patience put in there.

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