Software for fighting robots

V0.02 29-Jan-04


1. Introduction

Many robots are now incorporating embedded processors in them. This is a big step to take, since it requires a greater ability in terms of elctronics and of software. Embedded software programming is a very different art to that of programming apps for the PC in Visual Basic. An appreciation for real-time event hadling and control is essential. There is already a large section in the web site on embedded programming and this should be read if you are at all new to the subject. That page also has a list of recommended books which you may like to look at.

In this section I present a selection of software routines which may be useful in the development of your embedded software. I have been a professional embedded systems designer for the last 10 years, and have compiled a long list of useful software functions over that time, some of which (the relevant ones) are presented here.


2. The software

The software comms in three different forms. The first items in the contents to the left are small utility functions. The second are more complete functional blocks, or modules. The third are utility programs which run under Windows 95 which may be useful to the developer.


3. Requests

If you have any requirements for software for your robot, I may be able to hep. I am not prepared to write it all for you however! If you have any requests for algorithms or functions that you need to implement, then contact me. Also any comments on the code presented here are welcome.